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An Easy Way to Attract New Client Referrals -- Without Awkward Asking or Pushy Sales Tactics

It's time to take control of your referrals by leveraging a tested, step-by-step approach, tailored to your unique personality and goals. You absolutely can create consistent referrals from clients and those in your network in a simple and friendly way, and not left up to random chance.

Luck and Hope aren't a basis for a referral system. Join the Growth By Referrals program today and discover the easiest road to annual double-or-triple-digit referrals. This open enrollment is closing soon - act now!

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Now You Can Have a 12 Month, Step-by-Step System to Attract Triple-Digit Referrals (or More!) in a Predictable, Consistent Way...
Without Having to Ask for Them

  • What if you could literally transform your business by NOT asking for referrals?
  • What if you could fill the pipeline with new prospective clients AND be seen as their "go-to" expert and resource, instead of the "always hustling" salesperson?
  • What if you could be seen as authentic, genuine and highly valued right from the start of a business relationship?
  • What if you didn't have to waste hours of time cold calling, cold emailing, stalking people on social media or networking every night of the week?
  • What if you could make more money, liberate your schedule and finally run your business without it running you?
  • And what if you could have all of this without a massive investment of time or money?

You can. It IS possible.

But you have to know what to do and how and when to do it.

You need a plan. You need a roadmap. You need a proven step-by-step guide to follow so you get it right the first time.

And you need a mentor and accountability to make sure you stick to the plan.

Hi, I'm Stacey Brown Randall, creator of the Growth By Referrals program, and coach to hundreds of clients in "face-to-face" businesses. I created this video just for you because I understand those "what if's" you have and wanted to let you know you aren't alone. As I'll explain, I've experienced the rejection...tried the soul-killing tactics recommended by "gurus."...wasted years trying to get new clients the hard way. Please take a couple minutes to listen and see if this describes you:

How I Cracked the Code on “Ask-Free” Referrals: You Won’t Read About This in Business Books

When my first business failed in 2012, I set out to find out why and to never let that happen again. Financially, emotionally and mentally – it just wasn’t an option. (Nor could my ego take another hit like that again).

So when I started my next business I knew I had to create a system that generated new clients – in a way that worked for me – and that “way” was going to be what made or broke business #2.

I figured out that the most efficient way to increase my sales numbers would be generating new clients through referrals…but all the information from the “experts” on generating referrals said I had to ask for them.

I hated that! It just didn’t fit who I am.

But I had a hunch I could prove the “experts” wrong. I knew – just knew – that you should be able to generate referrals without asking, or worse, using manipulation tactics.

I knew that my idea of generating referrals without asking was going against the grain, but no matter how much I believed it, it didn’t matter at all if I couldn’t prove it. So, I set out to prove it.

And prove it I did.

I cracked the code on generating referrals without asking, without manipulation and in an authentic way.

I found a way to attract referrals in a systematic – not random – process that works for those willing to use it.

In my first year I received 112 referrals. And now I receive triple-digit referrals consistently, year over year.

But my clients’ success is most exciting. They are the real proof that this system works for different kinds of business owners in different industries.

They’re reporting results like:

  • “quadrupled referrals in one year”
  • “20 referrals in two months”
  • “57% of new clients generated by referrals in record time”

Would those kinds of increases in referrals help your business?

A referral plan doesn’t have to be complicated, complex or expensive.

But you do have to have a plan in place for your referrals to grow.

Introducing the Growth By Referrals System

The Growth By Referrals online program provides the roadmap that will guide you through building a referral generating plan in your business, month by month. NOW.

In just 6 easy-to-implement steps, you will create, execute and automate your referral plan so you’ll know what to do, who to do it for and what to say through the entire process.

This program includes 6 modules, detailed below. Each module provides you with:

  • A video tutorial to hold your hand through the process
  • A workbook to help you complete each step
  • Proven Templates so you don’t have to create any documents from scratch
  • Expert Tips to help you define the referral strategy that fits you
  • Impact Words to use to plant referral seeds

I’ve Got the World’s Best Clients.

“Following Stacey’s program…in just the three weeks…we’ve seen three huge orders from one customer, two from another, and three referrals from a third. We’ve got a whole calendar of ideas we’re going to do this year. Nice work on the program Stacey! It works!”

– Dan Haggerty, Owner, International Minute Press

“When I started on the program in late 2014, I did not have very many referral sources. I had one internal partner who sent me maybe 6 or 7 referrals in a year. But after starting the program and working to increase my referral sources – by the end of 2015 – I had 27 referrals come in that year. In 2016, it was up to 30. It’s something that definitely grows like a building block that grows every year.”

– Amanda Mingo, Partner, Rawls, Scheer, Clary & Mingo Law Firm

“Thank you so much for your guidance in helping me convert my referral growth system from hap-hazard to a well-thought out, focused one. I have told many of the entrepreneurial business owners I work with about your skills and the bullet target approach you utilize. I AM EXPERIENCING REFERRALS LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

“I am stunned at the results that I am receiving from the outreach to my referral partners. I have received 57% of new clients generated by referrals in RECORD TIME!”

-Gray Langley, Managing Partner, Farris Cooke & Associates

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What's in the Growth By Referrals Online Program?

Each of these 6 modules is a building block in your ultimate referral plan.

Foundation Built

It’s crucial you first understand the unique referral mindset, the Golden Rules of referrals and “The One Referral Foundational Truth.” When you know these, your plan will be built on solid rock.

By the end of Module 1 you’ll understand:

–The difference between client experience and referral experience.
–The two types of referral experiences you can create.
–The “WHO” to build your referral experience for. Figuring this out will save you so much time and give you business relationships you’ll enjoy.

Framework Created

Now that the foundation is laid, we start building the first part of your referral experience.

In this module you will:

–Tackle the Quality vs. Quantity debate (it’s not what you think)
–Assess what you are currently doing (or not doing) to cultivate referrals in your business
–Find out how to prioritize your referral sources

All Things Experiences

Every referral plan needs to have a few key touch points (what I call Experience outreach). This is the foundation from which all successful referral plans are built.

I’ll teach you:

–The 4 “must have” touch points
–The “nice to haves” – so you can connect on a deeper level with your referral sources
–The 3 Platinum Principles of referral growth – so your referral sources recognize how valuable they are to you.
–How to discover your uniqueness, so you attract the right people.
–How to keep the referral experience simple and refreshing, not annoying or confusing.
–Real-world examples of your referral plan, designed and tested by my clients.
–And…how to do all of this on a shoestring budget and in record time!

You’ll receive:

The Schedule Template: to help you plan out your touch points and see where to simplify further

Student Referral Plan Examples: to assess what other students have done.

Automate & Go!

Now focus on the simple steps to automating the pieces of your designed experience. You’ll actually be getting more referrals while spending less time.

I’ll show you:

–The one business tool you already own to automate your referral plan with – for FREE! No fancy or expensive CRM needed!
–Screen shots and how-tos – so you can easily and immediately automate what you built…meaning no delay in starting to cultivate referrals.

Track & Nurture

In this module I walk you through how to track your referrals and why it’s so very important. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. I’ll show you exactly what works.

You’ll discover:

–The two tracking tools I recommend to my clients
–3 ways to continually nurture referral sources
–How to thank your referral sources so they feel important – and love you for it!

Don’t Ask. What to Do Instead

When you ask for referrals you make receiving referrals about you which is a mistake. The referral source – the person referring new clients to you – is supposed to be the hero. So if you can’t ask, what do you do?

I’ll show you how to master the “non-ask” ask. I tell you what to say and when to say it so you don’t have to figure out your message, saving you time and avoiding embarrassing blunders.

You’ll receive 23 successful non-asking “scripts” (what to say) that I have used and provide to my clients to use. I am always adding scripts that students ask for.

Some of the scripts includes:

–How to turn a lead into a referral
–How to turn word of mouth buzz into a referral
–How to turn an introduction into a referral
–The “thank by name” card
–The “end of year reflection” card
–The “immediate thank you” card
–The “elephant in the room” card
–Two invitations scripts when inviting referrals to an event (because there is a special way to let them know why they are being invited)
–What to say in a thank you card to someone who hasn’t referred you, YET
–What to ask and say during a first meeting with a prospective new client who was referred to you
–PLUS the simple framework to follow when building any script needed

Exclusive Bonuses!
As if 6 course modules that show you step-by-step how to receive referrals beyond your wildest dreams aren't enough, you'll also get 2 Free BONUSES! These bonuses are worth over $2,500.

I know from experience how valuable consistent referrals flowing into your business really is, so I want to get this Growth By Referrals System into your hands - today!
So, when you order today, you'll ALSO receive:

  • #1
    Private Facebook Group for PAID Students Only
    (Value $2500)

    Every month I will be available in a private, paid-students only Facebook group to answer your questions, provide encouragement and give timely touch point ideas you can add to your referral generating plan. I will hold regular office hours so you will always know when I will be available but I will also pop in weekly to answer questions that come up.

    At the end of each month, we have a “round up review” to see how you are progressing, measure your results, and tweak anything that is not working.

  • #2
    Surprise Bonus
    (Value: $Priceless)

    Shhh! It is a surprise. There is one tool you need to have a successful referral generating plan.
    To get you started, I will mail (as in your real mailbox, not inbox) you this tool so you can leverage my resources to help you!

Who is this program for?

You do excellent one refers people when their work or service is crap, makes excuses and doesn't take good care of people.

You are a high touch business...meaning you have to cultivate relationships to sell your services and grow your business. This program works for B2B and B2C professionals.

If you had your way you would never cold call...but you recognize incessant networking doesn't work either. So you need a client cultivation system.

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Who is This Program NOT For?

If you like asking for referrals and don’t want to stop. That mentality contradicts what this program teaches.

If you like cold calling, incessant networking and stalking people on social media (and other traditional business development strategies), this program won’t be a good fit for you.

If you know you can't commit to doing a little bit of work to reap a huge reward.

Yes, you can generate referrals WITHOUT asking.
Leave the traditional business development strategies and techniques behind and do something that makes you happy and actually works.

I Want More Referrals WITHOUT Asking! Let's Do This - I'm In!


After you purchase the program you will receive a unique username and password and you can access the entire course immediately. All modules are digital and the templates, workbooks, scripts and other resources are downloadable.

You’ll also get instant access to my private, student-only Facebook group, filled with other enthusiastic business owners who have already learned this amazing system and ready to welcome you to our supportive community!

And if you buy the PRO level program, you’ll be able to schedule your 30-minute call with me, so I can review your referral plan and help polish it up.

Some of your exclusive bonus content will be available right away and some are released on a schedule.

30 DAY Guarantee No Fuss

We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!  If you feel this course is not right for you within the first month we will refund your money, no questions-asked, no fuss with a smile included!


Independent Study Level
One-Time Payment
  • 6 Video Modules with ALL Tools & Resources (Templates, Scripts, Samples & Examples)
  • Ongoing Access
  • Full, Instant Access
  • Future Course Updates
  • ALL the Bonuses
    (Total Bonus Value: $2,500+)
VIP Level
Payment Plan Available
  • EVERYTHING with the Independent Study level
  • PLUS
    • 4-HOUR VIP Session
    • ONE Customized Referral Plan
    • 30 DAY Check-In Call
    • 3 Quarterly Calls
    • EMAIL ACCESS for One Year
    • END OF YEAR Referral Plan Refresh
    • ALL the Bonuses
      (Total Bonus Value: $2,797)


"I had to share the positive impact on our strategic referral plan thanks to you! The results speak for themselves. I am ecstatic and very motivated to continue on this path. Here are the results comparing first quarter of 2016 to first quarter of this year. In 2016, 47 accounts were referred to us resulting in 20 new clients. BUT in 2017 - after implementing just a few touch points...83 accounts were referred to us resulting in 43 new clients. That means we were referred 77% more accounts resulting in 115% increase in new clients from JUST referrals!!!"-Michelle O’Connor, Owner, O’Connor Insurance Associates

VIP Referral Building Session Client

"I found great value is Stacey’s VIP Referral Building session. Her style is engaging and relatable. It is clear that what Stacey has developed comes from real-world experience and her credibility comes from the fact that she “practices what she preaches” every day. Stacey’s approach to referral development was a great match for our overall business development philosophy, and how we always want to treat people. Stacey’s honesty is refreshing and it is empowering to hear say what we all know – no one enjoys asking for referrals. Additionally, there are two major things that make Stacey’s VIP Referral session so powerful:
  1. She builds everything around using your individual authenticity. There is no manipulating or “faking” anything.
  2. She gives you a real step by step plan (with all the tools) that you can immediately put into action – it is not just theory."
- Steve Stewart, Financial Planner, Carroll Financial
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“Stacey provides great suggestions to implement and build a sustainable client referral relationship. I found her process to be doable and presented in a way that provides a path to action.”

“Stacey is a rock star! Stacey has provided me with powerful tools and a simple referral system. She is able to understand my world in financial services as well the challenges of being a business owner.”

“What great information on referrals. Never thought about it as a complete experience. It certainly helped me focus on the areas that we all think about intuitively but never reduce to writing.”


Independent Study Level
One-Time Payment
  • 6 Video Modules with ALL Tools & Resources (Templates, Scripts, Samples & Examples)
  • Ongoing Access
  • Full, Instant Access
  • Future Course Updates
  • ALL the Bonuses
    (Total Bonus Value: $2,500+)
VIP Level
Payment Plan Available
  • EVERYTHING with the Independent Study level
  • PLUS
    • 4-HOUR VIP Session
    • ONE Customized Referral Plan
    • 30 DAY Check-In Call
    • 3 Quarterly Calls
    • EMAIL ACCESS for One Year
    • END OF YEAR Referral Plan Refresh
    • ALL the Bonuses
      (Total Bonus Value: $2,797)